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because it's like when you look at when you can when you take you know violence against women and gangs they actually you see this correlation there because look this group's director of survivors foundation bottom all she says want to gangs says this is my territory they're talking about everything the houses the businesses and the people and specifically the women in the girls of the area in kids in need of defense report called neither security nor justice it actually states gang presence also limits access to justice for those affected by violence by creating additional barriers to reporting investigation and prosecution further entrenching impunity heightening the need for refugee protection for its victims so for those people say well that's a private problem well no it's not it's a call it's totally an issue there but again runs a neighborhood that's an institutional problem yes they control everything in their neighborhood right in some neighborhoods in this world that's the sad truth right and that's what about it incredibly and surprise surprise it's jeff sessions. this is one of those things that is so backward and so disturbing but it's his bread and
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butter it's as this occurring reason to want to claiming to want to be like i want to reform immigration so it's you know with good people and whatever it's garbage that man is in the pocket of immigration special interests that you know some people get paid by the n.r.a. some people get paid by big banks just sessions is definitely in that special interest group the weird thing about jeff sessions to me is that he's a native as to which is odd because white america white europeans were not actually native to the united states doesn't throw him out out there but one of the thing is that he's closely and closely tied ed in the pocket of a network of anti immigration groups that are run by a gentleman named john tam who is a retired i dr and a founder of a number of organizations including a pro eugenics are going to see action. in two thousand and eight he so sessions got an award from the anti immigration group numbers here. essay which was started
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i did that for obstructing immigration reform in two thousand and nine the franklin society in another one that was not me that gave them an award for obstructing this justices doesn't understand how economies work he doesn't understand how people work it's it's own and missteps and you know we have a story we know how to go to break clock watcher so don't forget to let us know what you think about property of government facebook and twitter so your poll shows that are coming up we'll lock the door on the prison industrial complex and what many are doing to tear down its walls with authority and they owe. it to. short term gains at the expense of a longer term growth sort of vesting in the future and products and employees here
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taking all of future revenues if you're booking it today just like the man is buying back all the stuff in his own store yes she bought back all of the stuff in his store and he has a lot of revenue but now the store is empty and he has nothing to sell so the next quarter he says my sales are zero because i have nothing in the store to sell i bought it all myself so similarly with apple fell by about all their stock they want about the future and when it comes time to report earnings of a year or two from now they'll have nothing to report. all my home to the kids in complete stable boy tonight. even though google.
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you mean to move on which i didn't get showed up to movies that are on the scene in the course of the building and show which to certainly must think. it does not seem like. you know. thank you. thank. you. but we often talk about the evils of the present us rail complex military industrial complex there's an all other union of profit and subjugation that has an equal influence over politics and culture here in the united states which is of course the prison industrial complex according to market research firm us world in
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two thousand and fifteen private correctional facilities were if four point eight billion dollar industry with profits of six hundred twenty nine million dollars and while the union of corporations and prisons is not new the ways in which good people around the country are fighting back against it is which is why today our watchers will be talking with a social justice attorney author and one of the leading thorns in the side of the prison industrial complex for work with national mamas bailout campaign and black youth project one hundred welcome thank you and it's a pleasure having you on the show and i want to i want to start with just so people get an understanding is what in your opinion is the single biggest misunderstanding people have about the person industrial complex here in the states. i would say that it's necessary or that it must exist i think people can't conceptualize a world in which we don't have prisons or gels and so because people can't conceptualize living in a world without these punitive says. it's hard to like actually tear down and
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reduce the prison and jail population so i think it's that it's a necessary evil and that it has to exist and therefore it has always existed even though that's not true as you said it has expanded and transformed in the last forty years the last thirty years and continues to expand and transform never thought about that are actually going to work you know what are the other alternatives that we could do would start of jail and people well i think the first thing is to axe the question of why people are jelled in the first place right there's assumption that people are in jail because they deserve it or they've committed some crime or they're harmful to the community around them and that's just simply not true most people who are incarcerated are victims of crimes or victims of interpersonal violence of community violence most people in jail are have some type of mental illness or disability most people in jail are prior to jail are living in poverty so this is jails and prisons have historically and
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currently been used to how social problems that we fail to address so even before we say like what's the alternative alternative is if we invest in housing transportation food and resources that allow people to live the lives that they want to live then we wouldn't actually need jails and prisons i think generally we have to learn also how to deal with people right so if somebody if you have a friend you have a disagreement your friend your first thing isn't to call the police or rest the person is to have a conversation and figure out how we can restore the community. but most people who are in jail or nonviolent crime of poverty of people trying to survive and so we criminalize survival but we don't give people options and resources and we have places in society that currently exist cities that's been largely mounts of their budget on housing large amounts of their budget on education so we have models that actually work in which there are not high levels of jail or prison populations in certain cities and then we have other cities that are predominantly black and brown predominately immigrant produce. poor who do see like whole communities being
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transported into jails and prisons because governments fell so invest in these communities i mean we've seen in chicago where they'd rather spend money on a prison right next to a school and just one door and wander out in there you go right bail is one that you brought up you recently wrote an article on the the injustices surrounding the whole bail system and the u.s. justice system you called cash bail the life but blood of the prison industrial complex one how is the how was the bail. to see all that president astro complex and then what how can we change that you know what can we do to to push that away so the prison industrial complex essentially about profit corporations and individuals who are making money off of people being in cages essentially and so cash bell originally is not supposed to be a form of punishment is supposed to be a surety that if you come to if you have
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a court date and you come to a court date then you have a bill would assure that you'll be at your court date because there's no standard law of how judges should you know a proposed bill then you see district attorneys and judges abusing their power to hold poor people essentially because you can commit any type of crime if you have money to pay your bills and you can get out of jail but this is essentially profiting off of poor people who they know will not have the money to pay for bell and so currently there's sixty percent of people woman in jails are being held on pretrial bell and again this is before people even go to their first court date. they're essentially being pretty saying saying that they're guilty before going through what we called due process and so eighty percent of the people who are currently in woman jails or who are identifying identify as woman in these shells are mothers are caretakers are community members and so. completely the straps
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communities and completely disrupt the economic unit and the economic ability for children and other people in the community to thrive and so when people are housed in cages it exasperates your well whatever mental health condition that you have and it makes it more likely that you'll enter into a plea deal right so if you want to get out of jail or you want to get back to your family or you just want this to be over with you're more likely to be vulnerable to exploitive and coercive plea deals that district attorneys oftentimes put towards poor people who can't afford bill and we already know that the public defender's office is underfunded it is under resourced and so there's just not enough resources and representation for people to actually fight against their charges and so the district attorney is going to give you the highest. crime charge then you're going to stay in jail until you admit that you know that she did this crime that you had no due process to prove that you do good otherwise it is easier for the district attorney and things like that to be like oh i can get this plea deal
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because of my numbers and get no evidence so i look. in the general gets reelected and all of that you see that state by state and as a whole the country as a whole you know it's also interesting too is when you peel back the curtain of the military the prison industrial complex you peel back the curtain the percentages of people of color of color and carcer in the united states is truly shocking and i think people it's easy for people to kind of ignore that fact or look beyond it don't see it according to u.s. department just as black u.s. citizens make up thirty five percent of jail inmates and thirty seven percent of prison inmates yet outside of prison black citizens only make about twelve thirteen percent of the total u.s. population that's a huge discrepancy that a nobody can sit and say that that's you know there's not something afoul there right and you would have to necessarily believe that black people are inherently criminal in order to justify those numbers right so because these people are criminals and therefore they should be incarcerated and i think the causes of this stem from playing. colonialism are
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a again when you have. when you can no longer produce labor or profit through slavery then you find different forms of enslaving people to produce profit and because we live in a racist society we live in a sect the society we live in a trance phobic you know society than you the jails again are are used to house people who have been other by the state and who the state has deemed not humans are not worthy of the resources of the state and so you have an interesting enough why you have the numbers of incarceration going down for specifically like black men and men in prison you have increasing rates of incarceration among women specifically in the wake of nine hundred eighty s. on the war on drugs and so you have so many women who are being criminalized for everything criminalized for being pregnant criminalized for having an abortion criminalized for. trying to survive on welfare or so many different forms there's thousands of thousands of laws on the books and so yeah and there's so much about
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it because having grown up in wisconsin i watched the whole thing play out in the media of the wealthy the welfare queen where we were just said so much through the media and local politicians this idea that scores of black women were getting on buses and chicago and driving up to walk and getting double like these women don't have the money to take a bus across town and these people want and the politicians are literally saying no no they're spending all this money to come up and stay in hotels to get a check right and nobody questions right and again like even if that was the case then it's a failure of the state and the failure of the state i think we have to keep going back to there's actual politicians like individuals it's not like a corporate individuals who are making decisions every day in congress or in their local state houses to criminalize people and it like under jeff sessions where expanding the role of criminalization we're expanding the role of police officers expanding the role of district attorneys to incarcerate more and more people and i know you said earlier black citizens this is even exactly. when you're undocumented
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or documented and the expansion of our immigration detention centers i think black immigrants are twice or three times as likely to be deported on a criminal offense or any other you know offense than any other immigrant even though we make up a very small percentage of the immigrant population and so you see racism being compounded we're also in immigration detention centers where you have ice agents that have for unchecked privilege and power to literally imprison people for years and the sad thing is this is not something that's new to this country this is something that's been like you said decades and years in the making building up to this and i think a lot of this falls apart the fact that people aren't getting educated on the mainstream media doesn't necessarily talk about it or get as in-depth as like you know people out there are you know fighting in the streets and things like that people like yourself and i really want to thank you for coming on today and breaking this down for those because it's helpful that's good and thank you for the work out there that you're doing the always a pleasure thank you thank you very much thank you. mother nature isn't happy
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a study released this week shows that meat only eighty percent of our diet is using eighty three percent of our farmland and that whole going playing my actually be the right course after all justin trudeau god has come up at first finding three and a half billion dollars buying an oil pipeline when he claims to care about the environment now some say that this is just a trick of a life that made as i broke my goes falling off is saying it's payback for double crossing canada's indigenous people and the lands they protect and in africa eight of the thirteen oldest tree is have inexplicably died over the last decade and it isn't disease it's climate change some of these trees are more than two thousand years old but now their deaths are being caused by increase temperatures and drought since a bale of trees can store nearly thirty thousand gallons of water in their trunks the lack of water to store is literally killing them major is here to remind us of what it. to be a human and shall not be eyebrows right out of your face it became
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a mess and whether it's washed out my good eyebrows i love the nation i love and i'm sure wow that video of justin trudeau but it was super creepy and super great what were you told me earlier that is probably just a make up it probably is really a make up this year the us are going to have to give the other eye because it makes this he has like a closing what he needs to do is just like sell out the rest of the time around and also stop buying pipelines that put oil into indigenous peoples that would hold a let's try to do something to save those trees never broke loose and well before we can do this ingenuity all right that is our show for today remember of one in this world we are not told that we are lucky enough for tell you all i love you i am right up until the top of the wall and keep on watching those talks of the great day and night of the.
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at the cia clearly all you'll. find is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in bill for it to finish it to good loving feel like you know. this isn't my cup of tea is going out the sunday i'll leave it there. you know john without a doubt over the ship the only palestinians is gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there is a lot of those who in the world under the oak vision not only could do this. and not fizzle off at that age to have this lady of the muscle that you had i know if you continue muslims you know do more commitments last don't put this off.
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when lawmakers manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the room in classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. going all middle of the room signal. the real need is for. the.
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not a football in the news today just one day left before teams from all over the world start to compete in russia's twenty eight c. world cup one winner is set to be announced on wednesday a bit later on a few hours of as fee for the live pictures you see right now are meeting to decide who is going to host the tournament way ahead in twenty twenty six tell you all about it says a lot of and i would go into it shortly coming out to see the top pundit for this year's world cup match the united manager gives us his predictions for the final legs of the championship. the first of course will prove it was. emotional. yeah i'm going to be.
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after the historic summit in singapore donald trump starts a new era in relations with north korea but big questions being raised whether pyongyang can actually trust washington here. so good morning for me kevin i just turned ten in the morning this wednesday here in moscow a low forty's h.q. with you for the next half hour or so starting with this then with us for the eve of it anyway the main event of the football calendar the fee for world cup set to kick off in just one day in russia with everyone from players to fans and referees geared up for this huge competition the opening will take place here in moscow on thursday that's between the host russia and saudi arabia.
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russia world world cup host cities are welcoming all the die of football supporters that already arrived to watch their teams train before the competition starts fans from france for example came up with quite an inventive terrorists to encourage their teams along get this. oh. oh oh. oh ok to get that joke is part french movie star general depor do of course he's in fact a citizen of russia and a resident of surrounds and surrounds as one of the host cities supporters really getting into the spirit of things we are fans from france what they thought about their hopes for their team. led to the center final that it will be disappointed if we don't make it to the final. i think that we can get to the foreigner although i'm not sure i could say we will win and i don't want to win we want to second star while most international fans arrived in russia by playing some decided to
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challenge themselves new some rather unexpected means of transport. thank you. both. our first time to be in the world cup. since. two years ago i have felt the first match earlier with the focus away from the first match the other tickets to have finished. but. the fuel tank thank you
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thank. you. we will drive the russian any of the car because it wouldn't be the same the joke is to try to rush a lot of. the russian car. thank. you no matter how far the team goes we will follow it in the car and so the longer the team stays the longer we drive and we were off for that we were excited for. a lot of russian started adding us and sending us messages on instagram a lot of them were offering. to give us a tour of the city too they were showing off their all not just because they love the car thanks.
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because i'm seventy years old. my tricks. to use other transport would be too easy i'd learn nothing try out the country car. the older man with all you need to be very attentive on the roof of the drive is of killing me taking this is such a. yes could be made to for weeks before all that action certainly happening now today in imminent tells for the organizers to perform right now that's looking ahead to which countries can be lucky enough to host the world cup where twenty six twenty twenty six do the math miss elf it takes that much planning the vote is on the way right now we can tell you right here in moscow it's between morocco and a joint bid by the us canada mexico jet skis were sold taken place see.
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such a lot of massive logistical financial planning to try and work ahead it takes this long you could look at basically eight years of you take us through what's happening behind you that day and what what what we can expect later on as pows in the coming hours. well definitely it's a big or just all challenged to host the world cup and that's exactly why i think for congress decides on the host country eight years before the event actually takes place that's exactly what we're witnessing in moscow today before the big joy kicks off at the luzhniki stadium on thursday night and the fee for sixty eight congress will decide the twenty twenty six host of the world cup now gianni continue for you now can see this talking from the stage of the expo center in moscow a man of many talents clearly was playing in the match with the people legends yesterday something that's become a tradition now just as it's a tradition to hold
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a few for congress the day before the world cup ultimately this could be. his three last congress as the fee for president next year is the election this time however it's about choosing the twenty twenty six world cup country host now there are two competitors for this for this chance that is the north american bid which comprises of the us mexico and canada and the best coming from africa that is morocco and if you look on paper it seems that the north american dead is well ahead because the overall inspection results gained by moroccan bid was two point seven just barely passing the needed threshold of two and the north american bit scored four according to fevers and practice so it looks like there would be no surprise and the world cup will be traveling across the pond to north america however there still may be
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a big surprise and here's my explain as to what could happen. there is one obstacle on the world cup is journey across the pond and its name is donald trump starting with purely practical things after all the us president introduced a travel ban for a number of arab countries due to new entry regulations that the currently being proposed in the united states in relation to citizens from certain countries there are significant risks to discrimination free entry to the country he is also building a wall on the border with the country which is part of that bid mexico wait what trump also demands mexico pays for that wall occasionally getting a very hard no from the neighbors down south hardly the most cordial alliance ever . no mexico will never pay for a while not now not ever sincerely mexico all of us and then there's a personal aspect as well remember the famous or should i say infamous whole
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countries remark of the united states is racist he really is the devil this is an actual quote from the actual president this is the gift that he decided to give the american people are not. for one donald trump isn't their president. well technically those countries account for fifty four votes and that is more than half of the necessary hundred and four needed to win the bid hard to blame them if they decide to support morocco against the us and now add that to the football federations of the countries blacklisted by trump and when the us president tried to extinguish the blaze and secure the bid he might have made things even worse the u.s. has put together a strong bid with canada and mexico for the twenty twenty six world cup it would be a shame if countries that we always support were lobby against the us bit why
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should we be supporting these countries when they don't support us including at the united nations today is on the gianni in front dinos rain is going through a massive reforms and one of them is that the decision on who gets the world cup will be made through an open public vote by all member associations it leaves one to wonder if trump had that in mind when he tried to bully the countries into voting for the us. alexi russia ski r.t. in just a no doubt that congress will they choose who's going to host the twenty twenty six world cup president bush is going to be there live within we think probably about forty minutes time as when that happens we should be in another program by then book with pictures of good will but into it and bring you those pictures of putin addressing the people who are going to be picking who's taking the big world cup in twenty twenty six and talking of which is going to be the big.


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